First Steps

What was the force that impelled you to mountains ?


-By Saurabh Jain, Founder at White Peaks Adventures

Trekking in India is more than climbing, joyfulness ,paranomic views and wilderness experience. It is also an art, a challenge, feeling of uncertainty , risk and a true hardship. Those who are drawn to mountains can find themselves in exhilarating, completeness, irresistible and sometimes frustrating too.
Distant views of mountains may speak of adventure, but they seldom more than hint at the joys and hardship that awaits. Before entering into the Himalayas you must be prepared for the totality of nature -- storms as well as soft breezes, tangled bushes as well as alpine flowers , biting insects as well as singing birds, moments of silence as well as glimpse of disasters.

Alpinism is an art of suffering - by Climber Voytek Kurtyka

White Peaks Adventures is a community that combines the passion of being in Himalayas with skill, gears, strength to travel without any harm to human beings and environment. With our roots in Himalayas and other mountain ranges of India our team of passionate mountain climbers, doctors, trek leaders, high altitude specialist, rescuers we manage a community to organise treks and expeditions. White Peaks Adventures represents the combined experience of many climbers who have travelled and spend years in mountains of India. 

This blog series is introduced to spread knowledge, experience and essential tips to enter into the Himalayas. As you read ,learn about mountains in India and get prepared to conquer them. We will be posting several blogs on clothing, chosing right boots, well selecting your outfit, controlling your diet, improving your habits, packing well,walking well, running well , climbing well and sleeping well.

  Your passport to - " INTO THE HIMALAYAS "

Into the Himalayas !!!

Chapter 1 : Approaching the Mountains
  1. Caring for Wilderness
  2. ClothingOngoing
  3. Packing - Upcoming
  4. Equipment - Upcoming
  5. Know your surroundings - Upcoming.

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