Caring for Wilderness

Mountains don't exist for our amusements..

They owe us nothing and they require nothing from us..

The privilege we enjoy in mountains bring responsibilities..

Responsibility to leave them as they are , untouched by humans...

Mountains cover 25% of the world’s land surface and support a vast diversity of life. 11 December is International Mountain Day, which offers the chance to take the time to appreciate these majestic wonders of our planet.

Mountains are crucial to life. Whether you live at sea-level or higher elevations, we are connected to mountains more than you could imagine. They not only provide freshwater, but harbour a variety of flora and fauna and are home to one in 10 people.
However, degradation, climate change, mining, crime and poverty all sadly threaten the intricate balanced web of life that mountains support.

Why do mountains matter?

– They are the water towers of the world – sources of freshwater and breadbaskets for the lowlands.
– They cover approximately one-quarter of the world’s land surface, housing a rich biodiversity of life in a magnitude of sizes, shapes and forms.
– They play an important role in influencing global and regional climates and weather conditions.
– Mountains offer a playground for nature-lovers. Areas to hike, walk, bird-watch, explore, picnic, exercise, learn, reboot your energy levels, relax or just escape from the city.

By reading this take an oath in the name of Himalayas
 I will not let Himalayas down, I will not let nature down, I will not let Human Race down... I will not pollute mountains.

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